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Cantonese Cuisine-Cantonese Roasted Duck Legs (Quick Hand Version)

Cantonese Cuisine-Cantonese Roasted Duck Legs (Quick Hand Version)
That day, my son suddenly said quietly: We haven't eaten roast goose for a long time. This time I was embarrassed. I did not see a place to sell geese, and I could not finish cooking a whole one at home. I thought about using duck legs to try first, because my son loves chicken legs and duck legs. Unexpectedly, it looks a lot like this, but it's not a whole duck, so the marinade is not so tasty, and the juice will flow out, which is still a bit imperfect. I will try roasting a whole duck when I come back. But I think there are some people who don’t want to bake the whole one at home, then this recipe can help you!

Ingredients for Cantonese roast duck legs

3 duck legs Marinating ingredients
Rose wine 10ml 10g minced garlic
10g minced ginger Old soy sauce 15ml
The amount of salt is appropriate White sugar 5ml
10g chopped green onions 5 spice powder 3g
Cooking wine 10ml A little chicken essence
50ml of broth Crispy ingredients
Maltose (honey) 10g Apple cider vinegar (white vinegar) 20ml
A little sesame oil Dipping sauce (sour plum sauce)

Cantonese style roasted duck legs


step 1

Duck legs soaked in water to wash away the blood


Step 2

Mix the marinade ingredients


Step 3

Put the marinade on the duck legs, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight


Step 4

Remove the particles in the marinating ingredients, put it in the oven to turn on the hot air circulation and use the lowest temperature, put a baking sheet under the bottom with tin foil, and blow for ten minutes until the skin is tightened


Step 5

The maltose melts in water and the honey is no longer needed


Step 6

Add fruit vinegar to make the crispy water


Step 7

Brush on the surface of the duck leg, put it in the oven and circulate the hot air for eight minutes, brush it three times and blow three times in total


Step 8

Wrap the roots of the duck legs with tin foil, preheat the oven to 230 degrees and bake for six minutes, brush the sesame oil halfway, then you can see the duck fat flowing out continuously, then turn it over, turn the oven down to 180 degrees and bake for eight minutes. .


Step 9

After cutting the pieces and eating with sauce, the crispy skin, tender meat and sour plum sauce finally regained the feeling of Guangzhou.


Step 10

Try roasting a whole duck next time

Tips for Cantonese Cuisine-Cantonese Roasted Duck Legs (Quick Hand Version)

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