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zongzi recipe
Contanese cuisine

Zongzi recipe

During the Dragon Boat Festival the Chinese people eat zongzi to honour the patriotic poet and politician Qu Yuan – who drowned himself in the river when his country perished in the Warring States period, an era of ancient Chinese history. It is said that people threw rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves into the …

Suan la fen recipe
Sichuan cuisine

Suan la fen recipe

Suan la fen, literally translated, it means “Hot and Sour sweet potato vermicelli”. I watched the vendor peel the sweet potatoes and then, using a potato peeler, he spiralized the potato flesh, which was flash-boiled and then sauteed. It was then immersed in a spicy chilli broth mixed with seafood. I thought this was such …


Chinese tea review

Tea is integral to Chinese history and food culture. It was served at tea houses along the Silk Road as a beverage for weary travellers and it was at these tea houses that dim sum(small bites made ‘to touch the heart) were introduced. Today, throughout China, tea is served with meals; milk is never added. There …

taiwanese pancake
Chinese Street Food

Taiwanese Pancake Recipe

Although this pancake originated from Taiwan, its popularity in Shanghai and at other street markets around China has made it a Chinese bestseller. The pancake is generally savoury with various toppings such as pork floss (a very light dried meat product, sold in Asian supermarkets, sometimes under the name rouxuong, or rousong), a fried egg, …

Chinese Food

Garlic Enoki Mushrooms Recipe

Being a high school student studying in the United States has been an exciting adventure filled with new experiences and challenges. Amidst all the cultural exploration, there’s one Chinese dish that stands out as a culinary gem – “Sautéed Garlic Enoki Mushrooms,” or “蒜蓉金针茹.” This dish is a delightful representation of Chinese cuisine, showcasing the …