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Rice recipe

Simple Rice Recipe

Much folklore is connected with rice. For instance, it’s considered a bad omen if you break a rice bowl any time of year but especially during Chinese New Year. It means you may lose your job or suffer some financial loss in the coming year, because, to lose your job, is to break your rice …

Chinese Cooking Utensils

6 Must-Have Chinese Cooking Utensils

1.Cleaver Why do Chinese chefs use cleavers? The cleaver is a tool for cutting. dicing. mincing, slicing. chopping. mashing and scooping meats and vegetables. It comes in various weights. The lighter ones are used for slicing. mincing. etc, while the heavier ones are for heavy chopping or disjointing a chicken into bite size pieces. Because …


Century Egg (Pidan)

Century eggs are one of the most misunderstood dishes in Chinese cuisine, it’s often used in late-night comedy shows as a sight gag. Does it mean it’s a hundred years old? Do they make it with horse pee? Century eggs are a type of egg traditionally made in China and other Asian countries, like Hong …