taiwanese pancake
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Taiwanese Pancake Recipe

Although this pancake originated from Taiwan, its popularity in Shanghai and at other street markets around China has made it a Chinese bestseller. The pancake is generally savoury with various toppings such as pork floss (a very light dried meat product, sold in Asian supermarkets, sometimes under the name rouxuong, or rousong), a fried egg, hot dog, tomatoes or lettuce, along with a drizzle of sweet and sour sauce. What I love about this is that it’s easy to eat and every bite has matter where you are in the world, wraps are a popular street food offering.



100g plain(all-purpose) flour

250ml cold water

1 tsp salt

3 tbsp vegetable oil for frying


4 eggs

4 canned frankfurters

1/2 iceberg lettuce,sliced

1 tomato, sliced

4 tbsp pork Hoss(rouxuong,  or shredded cooked pork loin)

sriracha hot chilli sauce, or any sauce of your choice

Taiwanese Pancake Recipe

To make the pancakes, mix the flour, water and salt in a bowl to make a smooth batter. Heat a frying pan over a high heat, add the vegetable oil and then pour a ladle of the batter into the frying pan, making it as thin as possible. Cook for 1-2 minutes until golden brown, then toss the pancake to cook the other side. Transfer to a warmed plate and make three more pancakes in the same way.

taiwanese pancake

Using the same frying pan, crack the eggs and fry them the way you like them. Reheat the frankfurters for 3-4 minutes.

Fill each pancake with a fried egg, a frankfurter, lettuce, tomato and a tablespoon of pork floss. Add the sauce, roll up the pancake and enjoy.

taiwanese pancake


If you are worried about the pancake fillings falling out of the bottom, use foil to make a pocket for the pancake so you can eat on the go.

Taiwanese pancake calories

The calorie content of Taiwanese pancakes can vary depending on their size, ingredients, and cooking methods. However, I can provide you with a rough estimate for a typical scallion pancake, which is a popular type of Taiwanese pancake.

A medium-sized scallion pancake (approximately 6 inches in diameter) typically contains around 150-200 calories. This estimate may change based on factors such as the thickness of the pancake, the amount of oil used in the cooking process, and any additional ingredients or fillings.

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