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Cantonese Cuisine-Steamed Chicken with Red Onion

Cantonese Cuisine-Steamed Chicken with Red Onion
After living in Guangzhou for 15 years, my favorite is to go to the remote suburbs to find delicious food. I remember that there is a restaurant called Jicuo that makes steamed red onion chicken in Shiqiao, Panyu. I smell a fragrance before I even enter the door. The population is in water! I saw the waiter brought up a large stainless steel plate. The "Hometown Shallot Steamed Chicken" looks very homely, but with the combination of red onion and mellow peanut oil, the taste is rich and the chicken is spicy and delicious. When you're done, don't forget to scoop three spoons of chicken gravy for rice. The oily rice is soft and the white rice is also delicious. Let’s get to know the red onion: its origin was in Palestine, and it was introduced to Europe during the Crusades. Red onion is one of the indispensable ingredients in Chinese cooking to increase the aroma. After cutting the red onion and sautéing it, it is "Red Onion Crisp" is used to stir-fry pork and increase the aroma in soup. It is also an essential ingredient for fried eggs and rice dumplings. I also used red onion in the rice rolls, which is the fragrance I want. The sauce for this steamed chicken with shallots is improved by me on the rice rolls, and the amount is written very accurately. Please increase or decrease in the same proportion according to the size of your chicken, so that you can make your index finger move. Steam chicken!

Ingredients for steamed chicken with shallots

1 three yellow chicken 12 shallots
3 slices of ginger 1 red date pitted
Light soy sauce 15ml Cooking wine 10ml
Soy sauce 5ml Oyster sauce 5ml
Honey 5ml Fish sauce 10ml
Salt 3g A little starch
A little chicken essence

Steamed chicken with shallots


step 1

The best is three yellow chickens, I use a baby chicken which is smaller, about 700g, cut into small pieces


Step 2

Mix the light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, cooking wine, oyster sauce, honey, fish sauce, salt, and chicken essence.


Step 3

Put oil in the pan, put four sliced shallots into the oil and fry on medium heat until golden


Step 4

Add the sauce to the chicken nuggets and stir well, add a little starch and stir well


Step 5

Fish out the shallots


Step 6

Pour the oil into the chicken nuggets and grab well, cover with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator to marinate for an hour


Step 7

Add the remaining eight shallots and red dates, core and shred, and place on the chicken.


Step 8

Put the chicken in the steamer and steam it on high heat for about 10-20 minutes, depending on how much the chicken is. I steamed it for 10 minutes because the baby chicken is very tender.


Step 9

That scent is tangy! That bibimbap! It's you who don't learn to do it!


Step 10

This is a shallot, not an onion

Tips for Cantonese Cuisine-Steamed Chicken with Red Onion

There are skills in cooking delicious dishes. Every dish I have has a small coup. If you search for “bean fruit”, you can directly view my recipe!

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