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Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef Recipe

Depending on where you are residing, some of you may know this as Beef Chow Fun, Beef Hor Fun, Dry Beef Ho Fun or Stir Fried Beef Rice Noodles.

Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef is considered to be a major test to test the cooking skills of Cantonese chefs.  This is a classic Cantonese dish comprising of rice noodles stir fried with marinated sliced beef and some other simple ingredients. See the ingredient list below for your easy reference. Hope you can recreate this yummy recipe in the comfort of your home.

When you make this dish, too much oil will make the mouth greasy, too little oil will stick to the pan. The soy sauce should not be more or less, so that each one can be full of color and flavor. The beef must first be deep-fried in oil until it is six mature, to lock its aroma, and then stir-fry it with the bean sprouts, so that it is tender enough. The fire must be large enough, and it depends on the chef’s wrist strength. The rice noodles can be fully contacted with the air in the pot, and there will be no breakage. When the fried noodles are placed on a plate, there is not a drop of oil, which is called dry enough.

Fortunately, practice makes perfect, and you can also make a delicious plate of dry fried beef.

Ingredients for Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef

Flat rice noodles 250g Beef 50g
Carrot 25g Leek (leek) 20g
30g bean sprouts a little onion
Appropriate amount of light soy sauce Moderate amount of old soy sauce
Appropriate amount of oyster sauce appropriate amount of salt
a little starch Baking soda 1g
a little sugar


How to make Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef

Whenever I am cooking stir fry, I love to double up the recipe so that I have leftovers for a quick lunch the next day. I also like to mix it up and add shrimp or chicken instead of beef.


step 1

Remove the head and tail of the bean sprouts, shred the carrots, and cut the leeks into sections


Step 2

Cross-cut thin slices of beef with light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, baking soda, sugar, oyster sauce, shredded ginger, cooking wine, starch, and then add a spoonful of oil to marinate for 20 minutes.


Step 3

The purchased rice noodles has hardened because it has been put in the refrigerator. It is best to use fresh rice noodles to break it up. It is not easy to smash.


Step 4

If you are like I use not fresh water to be used. Boil the water in the pot and turn to the lowest heat, put the rice noodles in without stirring, let it slowly disperse, and use chopsticks to separate it slightly to remove and drain the water.


Step 5

Put a spoonful of oil and shake it to prevent the rice noodles from sticking again.


Step 6

Heat oil in the pot, the amount of oil should be more, stir fry the beef until it is six mature, remove and drain the oil


Step 7

Heat oil in the pot. The amount of oil should consider the amount of flour. I use 1/2 more oil than the normal frying carrots. Add the carrots and fry them until they are broken.


Step 8

Add the leeks and stir-fry for a while. I want to talk about the heat problem here. If you can turn the pot, it is recommended to use a high fire, so that there is gas in the wok, and the rice noodles will not stick to the pot. But if you are a novice, then abandon this wok and choose a low fire, so that you have enough time to adjust the seasoning and color evenly, because the flour and beef are cooked, and the bean sprouts are already cooked very quickly, so you don’t need to. Worry about birth.


Step 9

Add flour, beef and bean sprouts, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt and sugar (it is best to pour the above four seasonings into a small bowl in advance to make a sauce, so it will be better to pour it directly) and stir fry evenly. , Use chopsticks to loosen the pot, do not use a spatula, or the rice noodles will be broken in a while.


Step 10

Color evenly and serve.


Step 11

Of course, I am not at the level of a master, but according to my method, the bean sprouts are crispy, the beef is tender and tasty, the flour is not sticky, and the bottom of the plate is free of oil.


Tips for Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef

1.Heat the fresh noodles in the microwave for 1-2 minutes just to get them warm and separated before adding them to the wok.

2.For this recipe I prepare the meat first for it to marinate while preparing the other ingredients. 30 minutes marinating is enough time to really make a difference to the flavour and more than enough time to prepare the other ingredients.

3.Taste as you go, if it requires more salty soy flavour add light soy. Colour can be added by adding more dark soy.

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