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Stir-fried AA Choy Recipe

AA Choy also known as Taiwanese Sword Lettuce, it is a type of lettuce that has a light, crisp texture and leaves that are not too thick. It kind of looks like a romaine lettuce with longer leaves and

stems,  it tastes similar to I would say a butter lettuce but the stems are super crisp and crunchy and it’s got a mild bitterness to it which is really great for this vegetable stir-fry.

AA Choy is often used in salads. It can be found in grocery stores all year round.

Popular science: AA Choy is light green in color, crisp in texture, extremely fresh in taste, fragrant, and has a unique flavor. It contains a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and a large amount of calcium, iron and other nutrients. It is the top grade of raw vegetables. A low-calorie, high-nutrient vegetable.

AA Choy


two AA Choy Miso paste 1 teaspoon
4 cloves garlic 10g salad oil


Stir-fried AA Choy Recipe

AA Choy and Garlic

step 1

Minced garlic, washed AA Choy and cut into sections

miso sauce

Step 2

A spoonful of miso sauce, add a little water and mix well

AA Choy

Step 3

Heat oil in a pan, add AA Choy and garlic

AA Choy

Step 4

Stir fry until the color changes slightly, then add the miso sauce and continue to fry

AA Choy

Step 5

Wait for a minute

AA Choy

Step 6

Ready to serve, this dish is very simple and doesn’t require so many seasonings.

So this is how you make Stir-fried AA Choy, it’s super quick and easy to make and on the weeknights I can usually make this in under 10 minutes. is about Chinese home style cooking. It is about sharing the joy and frustration of cooking Chinese food at home. Here I share what I’ve learned and created, while looking forward to learning from readers through their comments. Please share our website with your friends and family!

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