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Hairy Gourd with Salted Egg Soup Recipe

If you have never eaten zucchini, then next time you come to China, you must try this dish.

Guangzhou is a city in southern China, a magical city with only winter and summer, because its spring and autumn are very short. Shortly after the New Year, the weather starts to get sultry and makes people lose their appetite. At this time, it is the best time to eat Hairy Gourd with Salted Egg Soup.

And like a traditional Egg Drop soup, this recipe uses eggs to create the same smooth mouth-feel. Another special ingredient in this easy homemade recipe is hairy gourd. This mild-flavored melon is shaped like a cucumber with short fuzzy hair on the skin.

What is  Hairy Gourd?

Hairy gourd also known as Hairy melon, fuzzy gourd, wax gourd, moa qua, it is native to Southeast Asia.

It is an annual vine with branched tendrils that will climb structures, cover fences or sprawl along the ground. Although it has some ornamental value, it is primarily grown as a food plant. Coarse, prominently-furrowed, thick, hairy stems are clad with large, roughly-textured. Golden yellow flowers are followed by oblong to nearly spherical melon-like fruits which vary in appearance and uses depending on growth stage.

Very young hairy gourds can be eaten raw, but the vegetables are more usually cooked. They have a mild, pleasant flavour not unlike zucchini. They can be peeled, then chunks added to soup or steamed.

Young fruits are often commonly called fuzzy gourd. White flesh is crisp and juicy. Winter melons typically range in size from 5-20 pounds in rounded shapes (to 12″ diameter) or in cylindrical shapes (to 15″ long), but in ideal conditions may grow much larger (to 25-50 pounds and to 4-6′ long).

hairy gourd

What is hairy gourd in Chinese?

In cantonese, we call it zit gua (節瓜) and it literally translated as seasonal squash because in China, they are usually eaten in the summer.

However, In mandarin, people call it mao gua (毛瓜) and it literally translate as hairy squash.


Hairy Gourd an egg
One salted egg Moderate amount of lean meat
Three slices of ginger


Hairy Gourd with Salted Egg Soup Recipe

egg white and yolk

step 1

Separate the egg white and yolk of the salted egg.

hairy gourd, meat and salted egg

Step 2

Preparation materials: Mix oyster sauce, soy sauce, a little sugar, a little salt, cornstarch and oil, put in the lean meat, marinate 10 minutes and set aside

poached egg

Step 3

First, heat up the oil in the pan, fry a poached egg, and set aside.

ginger in wok

Step 4

Add the ginger slices.

hairy gourd in wok

Step 5

Stir fry the ginger slices and the gairy gourd together, you can pour hot water when the gairy gourd is a little yellow.

hairy gourd soup

Step 6

Pour hot water.

hairy gourd and poached egg

Step 7

After pouring the hot water, you can put the poached eggs and wait for the water to boil.

salted egg yolk

Step 8

After the water boils, add the salted egg yolk. (You can get two halves with a spatula)

lean meat on plate

Step 9

Put the meat.

Hairy Gourd with Salted Egg Soup

Step 10

Put the meat in small lumps, don’t pour it in a bowl (it will be lumped together), put the meat and let it stand for 10 seconds before moving them, because if you stir it immediately, the cornstarch on the meat will melt into the soup Inside, the meat is not slippery. (There will be a little foam after the water is boiled, just skim it off with a spoon.)

Hairy Gourd with Salted Egg Soup

Step 11

Finally, after the soup is boiled, pour the salted egg white into it, add some pepper and it’s done~ I personally don’t like to add salt, because salted eggs are salty, Salt is added when the meat is marinated. If you think the taste is too bland you can add a little salt to it~

For those health-conscious, you may find comfort in knowing that this tasty homemade recipe is gluten free, low calorie, and low sodium.

Tips for Hairy Gourd with Salted Egg Soup

1.The best quality hairy gourds are the hairy ones! This shows that they are young and fresh. Sliced or shredded hairy gourd is a good addition to a stir fry. They are particularly good when the seedy core is scraped out and the gourd stuffed with pork, prawns or other flavoursome mixture before baking or steaming.

2.Hairy Gourd with Salted Egg Soup is a classic Cantonese home-cooked dish. It can be prepared very quickly, and it is delicious with meat and vegetables. Zucchini is more upright, not as cold as green vegetable soup, plus salted eggs more flavorful. Everyone can make it and try it when you have time.

3.Hairy gourds are sensitive to temperatures less than 10oC. For this reason, it is best to store them in a cool place (12-20°C) rather than inside the fridge.


Is hairy gourd healthy?

Hairy gourd contains vitamin C, which has a good antioxidant effect. It can not only whiten and remove freckles, delay aging, but also prevent scurvy, anti-cancer and anti-tumor. Hairy gourd contains B vitamins, which can promote the regeneration of skin cells, improve skin health, relieve rough skin and prevent skin diseases.

Hairy gourd contains dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, lower blood lipids, lower cholesterol, detoxify and laxative, and prevent constipation. Moreover, gourd also contains potassium, which can regulate the balance of sodium and potassium in the body, thereby reducing blood pressure.

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