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Braised Lamb Hot Pot Recipe

Braised Lamb Hot Pot is a very popular dish in China during winter, not only because it is delicious and also we believe the lamb has the health-promoting properties, it is considered to have the effect of warming and promoting circulation and dispelling the cold, you wanna try it let me show you how to do it.



Lamb (preferably lamb brisket) Ginger slices, garlic, fennel leaves, star anise, cinnamon, Dried Tangerine Peel, Haitian pot sauce, red fermented bean curd


Braised Lamb Hot Pot Recipe

Braised Lamb Hot Pot

step 1

Make sure the pot is hot. put the oil in. Add the ingredients as the following order: ginger slices, garlic, other ingredients and mutton.

Add hot water and bring it to a boil over high heat, then turn to medium or low heat. Stir fry the lamb regularly during an hour or it will stick to the pan.

Braised Lamb Hot Pot

Step 2

Adding vegetables is more delicious. For the dipping sauce, add fermented bean curd, sugar and soy sauce.



Make sure the pan is hot, then add oil.


What is the Difference Between Chinese and Mongolian Style Braised Lamb Hot Pot?

The difference between Chinese and Mongolian style braised lamb hot pot is that Chinese style braised lamb hot pot is more flavorful and has a sweeter taste while Mongolian style braised lamb hot pot is light and refreshing, with a more savory flavor.

Is There a Difference Between the Two Types of Lamb Meat?

Two types of lamb meat are leg of lamb and shoulder of lamb. They have different amounts of fat, taste, texture, and price.

The leg is the upper part of the animal’s rear legs. The meat has a rich flavor and is tender when cooked. It can be a little more expensive than the shoulder but it is worth it for a special occasion or holiday meal.

The shoulder comes from the lower part of the animal’s front legs. It has less fat than the leg but still has plenty of flavor. The texture is tougher than that of the leg but it can be cooked in ways to make it more tender if desired.

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