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Pig Feet with Ginger Recipe

Pig Feet with Ginger Recipe

Pig feet are widely used throughout Europe, Asia, Mexico and parts of South America, both to add body to soups and stews and served on their own, or they may be pickled. They are one of the most prized parts of the pig. Pig feet have very little fat and are almost all bone and protein.

You can make this dish with the pig’s front trotters (in Chinese, we call them the “hands”) or back trotters (the “feet”). For this dish, I prefer using the hands.

Because I love Cantonese food, I learned to make it. If you also love to eat, then learn it with me.

Ingredients for Pig Feet with Ginger

1 pig feet 5 pieces of ginger
2 small onions 2 shallots
1 shallot white 2 slices ginger
White pepper powder 3 grams of salt
10g peanut oil 2 tablespoons cooking wine
1 tablespoon oyster sauce 1 scoop of soy sauce


Pig Feet with Ginger Recipe


step 1

Wash pig’s feet to remove blood


Step 2

Put water in the pot, add pig’s feet, ginger slices, green onion water


Step 3

Boil it in cold water to wash off the scum


Step 4

Put the cleaned pig’s feet into the pressure cooker, put the water in the pig’s feet, then smash the 2 pieces of sand ginger and put it in together with the onion, then add salt and pepper, cooking wine, and press the pressure cooker for 12 minutes


Step 5

Take out the pressed pig feet and put it in the ice water.


Step 6

Chop 3 pieces of sand ginger, 2 shallots, and 3 sections of scallions


Step 7

Heat the oil and pour it into the chopped onion and ginger


Step 8

Add oyster sauce, and soy sauce, mix well


Step 9

Then put it in the pig’s feet and mix it well, and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate for a better taste.


Tips for Pig Feet with Ginger

1. The pressure cooker only takes 12 minutes, and the pressure time should not be too long.

2.You may want to store the unfinished pig’s feet in a separate container and only heat up what you consume.

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