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Duck’s tougue with black bean sauce

Classic Cantonese Cuisine Duck’s tougue with black bean sauce

The Duck’s tougue with black bean sauce also known as the “top-pick duck tongue,”, is a classic Hong Kong-style Cantonese dish. It is similar to the brine duck tongue. The point is to have a bottle of soy sauce. Therefore, although the seasoning and ingredients of Duck’s tougue with black bean sauce are very simple, the taste is salty and delicious, and the meat is soft and moderate. It is a side dish suitable for dinner and wine, and it is also a delicious banquet dish.

Ingredients for Duck’s tougue with black bean sauce

400g duck tongue Head pump 60ml
Shaoxing wine 30ml 40g rock sugar
Ginger (for roasting duck tongue) 10g 25g ginger
A little cooking oil 400ml water


How to make top-pick duck tongue?


step 1

Sliced ginger, smashed rock sugar slightly


Step 2

Duck tongue wash


Step 3

Fill the pot with water, add 10g sliced ginger and boil


Step 4

Put the duck tongue and blanch it for 3 minutes, then remove it, rinse with water, and drain the water


Step 5

Pour a little cooking oil into the pot to heat, add 25g sliced ginger and sauté for a while


Step 6

Add the soy sauce, rock sugar and Shao wine


Step 7

Add 400ml water


Step 8

Bring to a boil, cook until the rock sugar is completely melted


Step 9

Add the duck tongue, turn to a low heat and cook for 30 minutes


Step 10

Cook until the soup is dry


Step 11

Appetizers with wine and meals ~ Duck tongue


Tips for Classic Cantonese Cuisine Snacks Snacks Duck Tongue

1. Material weight: about 40 pieces, 2-3 people.

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