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Home-cooked Cantonese Cuisine: Braised Teal with Perilla

Home-cooked Cantonese Cuisine: Braised Teal with Perilla
Since cooking for my colleagues every day, my friends from the company next door disagree, and smell our food every day when I am hungry. So today, at the request of my colleagues, I made a super invincible braised perilla duck (fortunately, my colleagues in the company are not patients with perilla cancer). This braised duck with basil is an authentic Cantonese dish. I also believe that the Guangdong and Guangxi regions use the most basil. Fried snails and stone snails are a must. It is also a perfect match for the cooking of duck meat. You can learn it, as long as you can eat the aroma of perilla, you will definitely like it.

Ingredients for Braised Teal with Perilla

Teal 1200g 15 grams of ginger
40 g shallots 15 grams garlic
20 grams of light soy sauce 10 grams of soy sauce
7 grams of white sugar 5 grams of edible salt
20 grams of oyster sauce 30 grams of cooking wine
Perilla 50g 20 grams of edible oil
200 grams of drinking water 2 grams of corn starch

The practice of braised teal with basil


step 1

First look at the recipe table and video to prepare the required materials!


Step 2

The duck is chopped up by the enthusiastic vendor.


Step 3

First, add oil to the pan, cook until the white smoke comes out, then pour the duck in, and stir fry quickly.


Step 4

The duck meat will soon have water, and then stir-fry the water until the duck meat starts to get oily. This step will take some time in the home stove, but this step is necessary. It depends on whether the duck meat is delicious or not.


Step 5

Then we add sliced ginger, shallots and garlic, and continue to saute with duck fat


Step 6

After sautéing, start seasoning, add light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, white sugar, edible salt, oyster sauce, cooking wine


Step 7

Stir fry quickly to get the flavor of the sauce (the sauce will be more harmoniously blended after the high temperature reaction)


Step 8

Then add drinking water, cover and simmer on high heat for 10 minutes.


Step 9

When 10 minutes are up, we put the perilla in, stir well, and continue to cook for two minutes to get the fragrance of perilla.


Step 10

After adding perilla, the scent can no longer be hidden~ My partner from the company next door can’t hold it anymore, right?


Step 11

Finally, we add a little starch water to thicken, and turn on high heat to collect the juice.


Step 12

Cook until the soup is thick and ready to serve!


Step 13

This braised duck with basil can definitely greet the little partner of the company next door.

Tips for Home-cooked Cantonese Cuisine: Braised Teal with Perilla

The duck meat does not need to be blanched, and the duck meat is more fragrant and tastes better by simmering it to get the oil. (Of course, if you want to speed it up, you can also blanch it)
The perilla must be almost put again, so that the aroma of perilla is the most sufficient. If you don’t like perilla or don’t eat perilla, you can choose to add a handful of green onions and mix well at the end, it will be delicious.
You can also add some side dishes that absorb the soup, such as bamboo shoots, yuba, etc.
Those who like to watch my cooking or want to see what my company colleagues eat every day, remember to follow me!

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