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Cantonese Boiled Chicken Slices (Served with Soy Sauce Ginger Sauce or Ginger and Scallion Sauce)

Cantonese Boiled Chicken Slices (Served with Soy Sauce Ginger Sauce or Ginger and Scallion Sauce)

Cantonese Boiled Chicken Slices or White cut chicken is a type of siu mei. Unlike most other meats in the siu mei category, this particular dish is not roasted. The dish is common to the cultures of Southern China, including Guangdong, Fujian and Hong Kong.

Cantonese Boiled Chicken Slices (which translates to white cut chicken in Mandarin) originated in southern China and is made year-round as an easy and healthy dish. In Cantonese families, this classic poached chicken is typically made for Chinese New Year reunion dinner because it is simple to cook, results in succulent chicken and pairs well with the other dishes in the holiday dinner. The chicken is briefly lifted out of the water after the initial boil to ensure that the temperature of the water around the chicken is equal, both inside and out, resulting in an evenly cooked chicken with juicy and tender meat.

Ingredients for Cantonese white sliced chicken (made by a Cantonese chef)

Chicken  A few scallions
A piece of ginger A little cooking wine
Ice bucket


Cantonese-style white sliced chicken recipe (made by a Cantonese chef)


step 1

Choose a three-yellow chicken that is moderately fat and lean. It should not be too fat. It is best to raise it yourself. Take out the internal organs, wash inside and out, and stuff your hands and feet into your stomach.


Step 2

Put more water in the pot so that it can be less than the amount of water in the chicken body, put ginger, cooking wine, and chives.


Step 3

Here comes the important link: the focus of the white-cut chicken is “soaking”, three picks and three releases. After the water boils, hold the chicken in your hand, soak it in hot water for 10 seconds, and lift it out to stay for 5 seconds. Repeat three times.


Step 4

After three times, the temperature of the chicken belly is the same as the outside temperature, so put the whole chicken in. A small fire throughout the whole process, it must be a small fire, do not heat the water with a small fire that bubbling water. For about 35 minutes, “dip” the chicken in hot water without covering the lid. When it’s time to insert the chopsticks, the chopsticks can prove that they are well cooked in the meat. Remove and place in ice cube water.


Step 5

Put it directly into ice water after removing it. Ice water can cool down quickly, and the principle of thermal expansion and contraction can make the chicken more firm and chewy.


Step 6

After the chicken is completely cooled, remove and chop (cut, cut, which is called white cut chicken, white cut chicken) and put it on the plate.


Step 7

Make a white sliced chicken sauce: put together minced garlic, minced ginger, chopped shallots, chopped shallots, oil, and salt.


Step 8

Heat oil in a pot, pour the oil into a bowl, and add a little light soy sauce. The white-cut chicken with smooth skin and smooth meat is very delicious.


Tips for Cantonese Boiled Chicken Slices

Salting 24 hours before steaming will produce more flavourful and tender chicken breasts.

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