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Jiaozi Stuffed with Pork and Celery Recipe

Celery are not only beautiful in color and flavor, but also rich in nutrients. They are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, various vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. They are very good for the gastrointestinal tract, spleen, pancreas and other organs.

As a college student, I often find myself reminiscing about the flavors and traditions from my hometown in Beijing. One of those cherished traditions is making and enjoying dumplings with my family. Among the various types of dumplings, pork and celery dumplings hold a special place in our hearts.

In Beijing, these delectable dumplings are a staple, alongside other favorites like pork and napa cabbage dumplings and the flavorful three treasures dumplings, a delightful combination of pork, mushroom, and shrimp. However, it’s the pork and celery dumplings that have left an indelible mark on my taste buds and my heart.

For us, dumplings are more than just a delicious dish; they’re a symbol of togetherness and tradition. Our family tradition dictates that we come together to make these dumplings during special weekends. It’s an activity that not only fills our stomachs but also our souls with warmth and love.

The dumpling-making process is a labor of love that starts early in the morning. My parents take the lead, embarking on a culinary adventure that involves crafting the dumpling wrappers from scratch. Watching them knead the dough with skillful hands, creating perfect circles, is a sight to behold. The process is a reflection of our cultural heritage, passed down through generations, and it’s a skill that I hope to master one day.

Once the wrappers are ready, it’s time to prepare the filling. The mixture of tender pork and vibrant celery creates a tantalizing combination of flavors. As we sit around the kitchen table, each of us takes on a specific role in the dumpling assembly line. Some shape the wrappers, while others spoon the filling, creating little parcels of culinary delight.

We predominantly opt for the traditional method of boiling the dumplings. Boiling results in a tender wrapper that embraces a juicy, savory filling. But in the diverse world of Chinese cuisine, dumplings can also be pan-fried to achieve a crispy exterior or steamed for a lighter, healthier twist. The versatility of dumplings is part of their charm, catering to various preferences and cravings.

The aroma that fills our kitchen is irresistible, a blend of fresh dough, savory pork, and the fragrant celery. It’s a scent that carries a promise of the delicious meal that awaits us. And when the dumplings are finally served on the table, the feeling of anticipation is almost unbearable.

The freshly boiled dumplings, served in steaming plates, are a testament to our shared efforts. The first bite is an explosion of flavors, a harmonious blend of the tender wrapper and the succulent filling. The taste is not just a treat for the palate; it’s a reminder of the unity and love that envelop our family.

As a college student living away from home, I often find myself craving the taste of those pork and celery dumplings. The Lunar New Year might be a time for most people to enjoy these delectable treats, believing that the more dumplings you eat, the wealthier you will become. But for me, these dumplings are a taste of home and a connection to my roots.

The tradition of making and savoring pork and celery dumplings has not only nurtured my love for food but has also instilled in me the importance of family, togetherness, and preserving cultural heritage. No matter where I am, these dumplings will always be a reminder of home, a source of comfort, and a testament to the enduring traditions that shape who we are.


Dumpling wrappers 500g pork filling
250g Celery 3 grams of salt
Soy Sauce 15g Oyster Sauce 15g
15g corn starch 2 eggs
1 piece ginger 20g hot oil


Jiaozi Stuffed with Pork and Celery Recipe


step 1

Prepare the minced pork


Step 2

Ginger, Celery chopped


Step 3

Put cooking wine, cornstarch, eggs, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt into the meat filling.


Step 4

mix well


Step 5

put in celery


Step 6

Drizzle with hot oil


Step 7

mix well


Step 8

Dumpling wrappers.


Step 9

Put the filling in the middle of the dumpling skin


Step 10

Place filling in the centre of the circle, fold over to form a half-moon shape and pleat the edges together.


Step 11

Boil the water and take it out to eat


Step 12

Serve hot.

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