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Green Beans with Vegetarian Egg Recipe

What is Vegetarian Egg?

An artificial egg made entirely from plants.

Friends who are tired of tomato scrambled eggs, you can try Green Beans with Vegetarian Egg Recipe. This time, the “eggs” in our scrambled eggs with beans are made of Vegetarian eggs.

Ingredients for Green Beans with Vegetarian Egg

A bunch of green beans Vegetarian Egg 100ml
appropriate amount of salt Moderate amount of sugar
MSG Chicken essence
Appropriate amount of edible oil Carrot diced (garnish) a little


Green Beans with Vegetarian Egg Recipe


step 1

Prepare materials, green beans, Vegetarian Egg. chopping green beans down into smaller pieces, shake the Vegetarian egg evenly before use, and then pour it out.


Step 2

Add some cooking oil to the frying pan.


Step 3

Add an appropriate amount of salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, and chicken essence. Because vegetarian eggs contain salt, the salt can be added and reduced according to personal taste.


Step 4

Add half a bowl of water and stir fry for a few seconds.


Step 5

Cover the pot and braise the soft beans. My daughter doesn’t like to eat hard beans, so I simmered it for 1 minute to soften it. If you like the grainy texture, you can stir fry it for a longer time without stewing.


Step 6

Add 100ml vegetarian eggs. You can see that the color and egg liquid of vegetarian eggs are similar to ordinary eggs. They have a thick and thick feeling and a little salty taste, so you don’t need to add a lot of salt. If you use ordinary eggs, you need to use more according to your own taste. Add some salt.


Step 7

Stir fry with the beans like usual scrambled eggs, and coat each bean with egg liquid so that the egg liquid wraps each bean.


Step 8

Finally, add a little carrot for decoration. The colors of red, green, yellow are very beautiful and have a good appetite.


Step 9

The taste and texture of vegetarian eggs are the same as eggs.


Tips for Green Beans with Vegetarian Egg

1: Salt and sugar seasoning can be added or deleted according to personal taste
2: I did not use a frying pan for scrambled eggs with beans this time, because Cantonese cuisine traditionally uses a frying pan to cook vegetables, so the heat is better.

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