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Sautéed Beef with Straw Mushroom and Abalone Sauce Recipe

My family likes to eat beef. Today, I made a plate of Sautéed Beef with Straw Mushroom and Abalone Sauce at noon. It is Cantonese cuisine. This dish is delicious and sweet, the beef is tender and delicious!

Big abalone is very expensive in China, do you know why?

Somebody said in Chinese culture, it is believed that consuming abalone, also known as  (Baoyu), will bring one good fortune and abundance for the rest of the year.

Is it true?

No! It is simply a case of supply and demand, as divers are not allowed to catch the amount they used to. But demand remains very high.

Ingredients for Sautéed Beef with Straw Mushroom and Abalone Sauce

200g beef 100g straw mushroom
about 4 asparagus 2 green peppers (long green peppers)
5 garlic cloves sliced About 10 grams of ginger slices
Onion About 15 g scallop abalone sauce
10g-15g soy sauce 15g cooking wine
About 20 grams of oil Flour (for marinating beef)
Corn flour (for marinating beef) appropriate amount Cooking wine (for marinating beef) appropriate amount
A little white wine (for marinating beef) pepper (for marinating beef) a little
Salt (for marinating beef)


Sautéed Beef with Straw Mushroom and Abalone Sauce Recipe


step 1

Marinate beef for 20 minutes


Step 2

Wash the straw mushrooms and make two cuts


Step 3

Put asparagus and straw mushroom into the pan with cold water for blanching.


Step 4

Blanch the beef in boiling water for a few minute.


Step 5

Add the oil


Step 6

Pour in onion, ginger and garlic and saute until fragrant


Step 7

Pour in the beef and stir fry


Step 8

Pour in the scallop abalone sauce (the abalone sauce is delicious and sweet and does not require sugar, if you like sweetness, you can add sugar)


Step 9

Pour in the soy sauce (the beef has been marinated, it still has a salty taste when it is blanched quickly, and the abalone juice and soy sauce have a salty taste, so there is no need to add salt here)


Step 10

stir fry


Step 11

Pour in straw mushrooms, asparagus, green peppers and stir fry (there is no salt here, abalone juice and soy sauce are salty enough, if you have a heavy taste, you can add some salt)


Step 12

Add cooking wine, remove fishy smell, add fragrance, keep vegetables green


Step 13

Put onion, add cornstarch for thickening


Step 14

serving plate


Step 15

The dish is delicious.


Step 16

It’s done.


Tips for Sautéed Beef with Straw Mushroom and Abalone Sauce

Beef tender and smooth: Beef slices are marinated with a little food powder (that is, baking soda, here can be marinated with a little sugar, mainly to remove the bitterness of the baking soda to marinate the beef) and all the marinade ingredients and marinate for 20 minutes.

How to Make a Cornstarch Slurry?

I’m going to show you how we can use cornstarch to thicken up a sauce.

1.I’ve got my my liquid here in the pan now, it doesn’t really matter what you use,  you can use water, you can use melting mousse orange juice, you can use froth, you can use whatever, the point is you got a little bit of cornstarch and a little bit of water to form a bit of a paste, combine cornstarch and water until smooth and creamy

2.Whisk rapidly into whatever soup or stew you need to thicken

3.Continue to cook the dish until the sauce has thickened properly.

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