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Cantonese dish Stewed Chicken

Stewed chicken dishes are found everywhere there is a chicken.

Today we are going to make a Chinese dish. I like it very much. I forgot to buy scallops. Adding a few scallops makes it more fragrant.

Ingredients for Stewed Chicken

chicken roasted meat
leek ginger
garlic onion
1 tablespoon oyster sauce


How to make Stewed Chicken


step 1

After washing chicken, dry it, add 3 spoons of CHEE HOU SAUCE, marinate with a little salt for half an hour, wash the leek and cut them into sections for later use.


Step 2

Lee Kum Kee’s CHEE HOU SAUCE, good taste.


Step 3

The chicken I bought was too fat, so I boiled the chicken oil directly.


Step 4

Add ginger slices, garlic slices, and leek, saute until fragrant.


Step 5

Pour the marinated chicken into the pot and stir fry until the surface is bloodless.


Step 6

Put the meat in the pot


Step 7

Put the roast pork into the pot and stir fry, add a little water, cover with a lid and simmer for 5 minutesGuangdong

Step 8

Add leek, scallions, and finally add oyster sauce to make it fresh


Step 9

The finished product, two large plates.


Tips for Stewed Chicken

1.Roast pork and leek are the key points in this dish. Although they are ingredients, it’s delicious.

2.The roast pork and CHEE HOU SAUCE are both salty, so don’t put too much salt when marinate chicken.

3.For this recipe, you can buy prepackaged chicken that’s already cut up, but make sure the backbone is in there (sometimes it isn’t). The back will add lots of flavor to the broth and the chicken itself.

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