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Rice wraps, Northeast China style

Rice wraps, Northeast China style, the taste of autumn, you can’t forget it after one bite.

It is a super simple Northeast snack in China. There are vegetables and rice. Several ingredients are wrapped in vegetable leaves. It has rich taste and delicious taste.

Many restaurants in the north have this dish. My family eats cabbage for the first time in autumn. It’s so fragrant.

These rice wraps, essentially bundles of carbs, protein, and vegetables, are quick to make for a perfect one-dish meal that’s healthy, tasty, and incredibly satisfying.

Ingredients for Rice wraps

Moderate amount of cabbage leaves Moderate amount of mashed potatoes
Fried shredded potatoes Moderate amount of rice
Moderate amount of egg sauce Appropriate amount of spring onion
Appropriate amount of coriander Fried peanuts


Rice wraps Recipe


step 1 Clean the cabbage leaves

Nowadays, the small cabbage is not very big, so the rice wraps are not big. In late autumn, Chinese cabbage is on the market, and the leaves are big, and one rice wraps can make you feel full.


Step 2 How to make mashed potatoes

Peel and wash the potatoes, cut into cubes, add a little peanut oil to the wok, saute the five spice powder, add the potato pieces and stir fry evenly, add water, bring the water in the pot to a boi, turn to medium heat and simmer, add some Season with light soy sauce, do not add salt, because the egg sauce is also salty. Then press the potato cubes into mashed potatoes and set aside.


Step 3 Deep-fried shredded potatoes and peanuts

Peel and wash the potatoes, cut them into thin strips, soak them in cold water for about half an hour, take it out and drain the water, or dry the water with kitchen paper. Take the oil into the pan, fry the potatoe strips in about 70% of the heat, fry them until crispy, and then fry them with some peanuts. With crispy potatoe strips and peanuts, the taste is very good and it tastes very fragrant.


Step 4 Egg Sauce

Break up the eggs, stir evenly, remove the oil from the pan, put in the egg liquid, quickly smash it, and then add an appropriate amount of bean paste, or any kind of sauce you like, stir evenly, and set aside.


Step 5

Wash the shallots and parsley, cut them into pieces, and add minced garlic if you like the taste of garlic.


Step 6

Steam the rice in advance, put all the ingredients into the pot, add an appropriate amount of rice, and determine the amount of all the ingredients according to the number of people dining.


Step 7

Stir well.


Step 8 Eice wraps

Take a vegetable leaf, put the stuffing that has just been mixed on it, fold back the bottom edge first, then roll it up from one side to the other, and put it on the plate with the mouth closed, and it will not open after a few minutes. the rice wraps seems simple, in fact, the ingredients are still very rich, the taste is also very delicious, especially refreshing and appetizing.


Step 9

The rice wraps are placed on the plate, and you can feel it when you eat it with your hands. It is so delicious that even children can’t put it down.


Tips for Rice wraps

When making mashed potatoes, you don’t need to add salt because the egg sauce is salty. If you like it spicy, you can add some minced chili peppers.

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