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100 year egg

Introduction: What is a 100 year egg?

A 100 year egg is also called century egg or hundred-year-old egg because of the time needed for its production.

A 100 year egg is a preserved egg, typically from a duck or chicken. It is made by preserving an egg by coating it in a mixture of clay, wood ash, salt and lime (calcium hydroxide), then storing it in a dry place for several months to several years. The coating acts as a preservative, causing the egg white and yolk to coagulate together into an inedible solid mass.

How to Make 100 year eggs

100 year eggs are a type of preserved egg that is typically made by coating an egg in a mixture of clay, ash and salt, then storing it in a jar or crock for several weeks to months.

To make 100 year eggs:

1. Gather all the ingredients. This includes fresh eggs, salt, clay and ash. Clay should be from the bottom of a riverbed and not from an area where there are pesticides or other chemicals present. The ash should come from hardwood like oak, maple or hickory.

2.Put the tea into boiling water

3.step 3

4.add some quick lime

5. add the tea

6.After mixing the tea and quick lime, add dietary alkali, mix them well.

7. Add the ash.

8.Carefully mix the ingredients together with water until they form a thick paste. Add more water if necessary to get it to the desired consistency

9. Put eggs in

10.step 10

11. Put all the eggs in a plastic bag.

12.Tie the bag tightly, seal closed for one week, 100 year eggs are ready.

The Health Benefits of 100 year egg

100 year eggs are a traditional Chinese delicacy that is made by preserving duck, chicken, or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt and quicklime. The mixture hardens and turns the egg into a black color.

100 year eggs have been around for over 2000 years and are still popular in China today. They are believed to be healthy because they are high in protein and contain many vitamins like vitamin D and B12.

Some people believe that eating century eggs can help with allergies, asthma, arthritis, insomnia, constipation and high blood pressure. However there is no scientific evidence to prove these claims.

The Cons of Eating 100 year egg

100 year egg is not for everyone.  They are also called “thousand-year-old eggs” because they are believed to have been created by Chinese people around the 12th century.

The process of preserving the eggs makes them look like they’ve been soaked in a dark goo and the inside has an off-putting black color. However, if you can get past the appearance and take a bite out of it, you will find that it tastes just like any other hard boiled egg but with a slightly different flavor.

Conclusion: Why You Should Try Eating 100 year egg

Why should you try eating century eggs? You should try eating century eggs because they are a delicacy that is not for everyone. These eggs are made by preserving the egg in a mixture of clay, ash, quicklime, and salt. Century eggs have a reputation for being disgusting but if you can get past the smell then you will find that these eggs are actually very tasty.

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