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Fermented red bean curd Chicken Recipe

Cantonese Cuisine~Fermented red bean curd Chicken
Fermented red bean curd Chicken, the chicken is sweet and has a little wine aroma, very delicious.


Ingredients for Fermented red bean curd Chicken

half chicken 1 large piece of Fermented red bean curd, 2 small pieces
Appropriate amount of onion 4 slices ginger
4 cloves garlic a little chopped green onion
Beer 450ml


What is Fermented red bean curd

Fermented red bean curd also called fermented tofu, bean cheese, or tofu cheese, It is used in Chinese cooking as a flavor enhancer in marinades and stews. It is a type of preserved bean curd (also called fermented bean curd) that consists of cubes of soybean curd that have been preserved in rice wine, fermented red rice, and other seasonings.

In China, you can buy pieces fresh from markets, In the U.S., the jars are sold in Chinese markets. A popular brand is Fu-Chung, which contains quite a bit of sauce in the jar along with the cubes.


Fermented red bean curd Chicken Recipe


step 1

First prepare the sauce: a large piece of Fermented red bean curd  (2 small pieces), a spoonful of Fermented red bean curd , 2 spoons of soy sauce, mashed for later use


Step 2

Pour the sauce into the drained chicken, add an appropriate amount of cornstarch, stir well and marinate for 15 minutes


Step 3

Sauteed shallots, ginger and garlic slices


Step 4

Add the marinated chicken and stir fry


Step 5

Stir fry until the chicken surface is burnt and fragrant, then add beer (the amount depends on the amount of chicken, just pour it in and the chicken is level)


Step 6

Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes


Step 7

Before serving, add some sugar to make it fresh, taste the salty, if not enough, you can add some salt


Step 8

Sprinkle with chopped green onion and serve


Step 9

This Fermented red bean curd Chicken is ready


Tips for Fermented red bean curd Chicken

I will upload more recipes in the future. Last but not least, the amount of seasoning should be increased or decreased according to your own taste.

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