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Steamed Pork Cake with Corn Recipe

Steamed Pork Cake with Corn Recipe

This dish is one of my brother’s favorite dishes.The Steamed Pork Cake with Corn are also fun to make.

A meat pie is a pie with a filling of meat and often other savory ingredients. They are found in cuisines worldwide.
Meat pies are usually baked, fried, or deep fried to brown them and develop the flavour through the Maillard reaction. Many varieties have a flaky crust.

== History ==
Meat pie originated during the Neolithic period, around 9500 BC. The ancient Egyptians’ diet featured basic pies made from oat, wheat, rye, and barley, filled with honey and baked over hot coals.The Greeks used a flour-water paste resembling pie pastry, and filled it with meat. These pies were usually fried or cooked under coals. The Romans adopted them, using a variety of meats, oysters, mussels, lampreys, and fish as filling and a mixture of flour, oil, and water for the crust. This ‘pastry’ cover was not meant to be eaten and was discarded. In Northern Europe, cooks made pastry with lard and butter to make a stiff dough that could hold an upright pie. These medieval pastry dishes were called “coffins/coffyns”, that is, a basket or box, and were:

savory meat pies with the crusts or pastry being tall, straight-sided with sealed-on floors and lids.

Ingredients for Steamed Pork Cake with Corn

400g minced meat 100g corn kernels
half teaspoon salt Half a teaspoon of sugar
a little pepper 1.5 tbs soy sauce
1 tablespoon oyster sauce soy sauce a little
1 tsp starch Appropriate amount of peanut oil


Steamed Pork Cake with Corn Recipe


step 1

Prepare minced meat and corn kernels


Step 2

Season the minced meat, add half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of sugar, a little pepper, 1.5 tablespoons of extremely fresh soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce, a little dark soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of starch, stir well, then add an appropriate amount of peanut oil and stir again uniform


Step 3

Beat the seasoned minced meat 100 times, then marinate for 10 minutes


Step 4

Add corn kernels to the marinated minced meat, mix well and pour into the steaming tray


Step 5

After the water boils, put it in the pot and steam it for 12 minutes


Step 6

A super simple home-cooked Cantonese dish, the tamales are ready. It’s super delicious. If you like it, just collect it and try it.


Tips for Steamed Pork Cake with Corn

Additionally, although the recipe mentions used soy sauce, oyster sauce, you are free to try some other sauces or seasonings that might be more to your liking.

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