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Cantonese cuisine-Pea Shoot Soup

Cantonese cuisine-Pea Shoot Soup

I have been a fan of pea shoots the entire time. These pea sprouts, namely Dou Miao in Mandarin, are tender and versatile. You can eat it raw as a salad. Or you can stir-fry it as a side dish.

What are pea shoots?
Pea shoots are the young leaves, stems, and delicate tendrils of any pea plants, including snow peas, sugar snap peas, and English peas.

Are pea shoots good for you?
As you’d expect with green vegetables, pea shoots are packed with vitamins A and C, plus folic acid and antioxidants. They rank low in fat, calories, and carbohydrates, so you can eat ’em up like there’s no tomorrow.

Ingredients for Pea Shoot Soup

Pea sprouts 200g Minced meat (diced ham) 30g
1 preserved egg 3 white mushrooms
4 garlic seeds 1 slice of ginger
200ml of stock Amount of salt
A little oyster sauce A few medlars (optional)


How to make Pea Shoot Soup


step 1

Prepare the ingredients, slice the mushrooms, cut the preserved eggs into small pieces with thread, and shred the ginger.


Step 2

Boil the bean sprouts with boiling water in a pot, and they will cook in a while. Don’t get old. Remove and drain the water and place it on a plate.


Step 3

Put garlic and ginger in hot oil and sauté until fragrant, until the surface of the garlic is golden brown.


Step 4

Add minced meat and stir fry, add mushrooms and preserved eggs and stir fry until fragrant


Step 5

Pour the broth, reduce the heat to a boil, season with salt, add oyster sauce and a little sugar for freshness


Step 6

It takes about five to ten minutes for the soup to turn white and pour it on the bean sprouts


Step 7

With the tender bean sprouts and the fragrant soup, don’t worry about your children not eating vegetables anymore. And eating more preserved eggs will reduce the fire.


Step 8

This is the photo with all the materials poured in, the front is the photo with the plate

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