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Cantonese Cuisine ~ Soy Sauce Duck

Cantonese Cuisine ~ Soy Sauce Duck

Classic Chinese food achieves its legendary status by striking the perfect balance between hot, sour, sweet and savoury flavours. The duck meat is so fragrant and delicious.  It’s also very quick and extremely easy to make.

The Soy Sauce Duck is perfect as a main dish for dinner.

Soy sauce duck ingredients

Half duck Shallots to taste


How to make soy sauce duck


step 1

Dice shallot and slice ginger


Step 2

Use kitchen paper towels to soak up the water for the duck meat.


Step 3

Saute ginger and shallots, then serve


Step 4

Fry the surface of the duck meat until fragrant, fry out the fat, and then scoop a part of the excess oil out of the fry


Step 5

Pour in ginger and shallots, seasoning: pour in half a bowl of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce, appropriate amount of rice wine, and then add water that is half of the duck body


Step 6

Add *** sugar and rock sugar, simmer on high heat for 25 minutes, remember to turn over in the middle


Step 7

20 minutes are up, add some dark soy sauce, and simmer for another 5 minutes; then open the lid to drizzle the sauce to color the duck


Step 8

Just like this, just leave a little juice on the bottom


Step 9

Soy sauce duck with full sauce, try it if you like


Tips for Cantonese Cuisine ~ Soy Sauce Duck

Use a sharp knife to score across the duck breasts 4 times through the skin and fat but just barely to the meat. Rub the skin with salt, cayenne, and black pepper.

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