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Chinese Cooking Utensils

6 Must-Have Chinese Cooking Utensils

1.Cleaver Why do Chinese chefs use cleavers? The cleaver is a tool for cutting. dicing. mincing, slicing. chopping. mashing and scooping meats and vegetables. It comes in various weights. The lighter ones are used for slicing. mincing. etc, while the heavier ones are for heavy chopping or disjointing a chicken into bite size pieces. Because …

Cheese tofu recipe
Chinese Food

Cheese tofu recipe video

Food is something that many people cannot refuse. With the opening of people’s horizons, people have invented a lot of creative dishes using various ingredients. These dishes are not only very good in appearance, but also richer in taste after mixing and matching. It makes people who make creative dishes feel infinite satisfaction, which is …

Gu lao rou recipe
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Best Gulaorou recipe video

Hi, everyone, Today we’re making Gulaorou (Gu Lou Yuk) , Sweet and sour pork! Sweet and sour pork sits among Some of the most well-known Chinese dishes outside of China. It’s widely believed to be a Cantonese dish, Known colloquially as Gulaorou, Which roughly translates to “ancient pork”. Some tales say the name comes from …