Chinese Food

Sweet and Sour Poached Egg

Many children are picky eaters, for example, they don’t like eating egg yolks. Making eggs into “sweet and sour poached eggs” can completely solve this problem. Kids can lick their plates clean, so give it a try, moms! This dish is made with eggs poached in a sweet and sour sauce. When I was a child, …

baizi recipe
Chinese Street Food

Baozi Recipe

We had just finished our tour around the hutongs (alleys) of Beijing when we saw a lady with a small cart selling these steaming buns. I asked her in Mandarin, “What is that?” and she replied “Zhuròu baozi”-which means pork bun. When I bit into it, I loved how the coriander and leek complemented the …

Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork
Chinese Street Food

Shengjianbao Recipe

Shengjianbao, also known as Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork is a Shanghai speciality. Shengjianbao are buns filled with juicy pork, then arranged in a flat, oil-slicked wok in which the bottoms are fried until they are crisp. My uncle introduced me to shengjianbao at Shanghai’s famous Dongxin Lu wet market; we both ran over to …